Fuel Kirra Wakesurfer 4’7” with FREE WAKESURF BAG

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This skim shape is the inspiration of the Fuel Kirra. Whether you are entering competitions or just taking the family out on the weekends, take your wakesurf game to the next level on the Kirra.

Instantly you will notice the square nose and tail design on the Kirra. A true switch hitter, this board does not care which end is in front. A truly unique characteristic, this board rides just as well switch as it does regular. Although a true skim shape, the square tail design makes aggressive surf style turns, carves, and slayshes possible.

A thicker glass layup than most other manufacturers creates a durable board that should last you for years to come. A tri skim fin will create a looser feel on the water, perfect for all those skim tricks.

Airs. Spins. Shuvits. All is possible on the Fuel Kirra 55'.




  • Long sidecut/ tapered tail
  • Skim/ surf hybrid
  • Hand crafted epoxy
  • Flat base
  • Includes Tri 3.6'' fin setup
  • CNC diamond cut EVA pad w/ kicktail
  • Designed for: Intermediate/ Advanced

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