Fuel Clincher Crush Water Ski Pro Gloves

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Fuel Clincher Crush water ski gloves are designed to transfer the pulling force from the hands, fingers and forearms into the bone structure to provide superior strength and endurance. The fit features palm straps with dowels for superior grip strength. This helps alleviate fatigue and eliminate blisters.

If your fingers get tired and get a lot of blisters on your fingers and hands the first day out, these are the gloves you need. These Gloves have a strong palm strap reinforced with a dowel that transfers the force to your wrist and forearm instead of pulling on your fingers. Previously known as the Clincher Gloves. Do longer runs. Improve your grip without resorting to use of abrasive palm gloves which wear out the rubber on water ski handles.


-Palm strap with dowel for superior grip
-Extra padded writs strap
-Reinforced palm strap
-Double stitched

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