Connelly GT Carbon Series with Sync and Sync Rear Toe

The Connelly GT sets a new standard in tournament level slalom technology. The biggest advancement in design is the tapered sidewall at the tail of the ski. This new tail shape sets the ski deeper in the water on turns allowing the skier to carry more speed into the buoy and through the turn without blowing out the back end. More speed into the buoy and out of the turn gets you across the wake and to the next ball earlier than ever before. New high-arc V steps on the ski base go a step further to reduce drag making this ski faster and more free maneuvering. The GT has a slightly softer flex patter to compensate for the extra speed, making it more forgiving, even on a short line. This is truly a masterpiece of design and function for the 36mph tournament slalom skier.  As used by Joel Howley, Australia's 4 Times Water Ski Champion.


  • Made in the USA
  • Low density, super-light CNC cut PVC core
  • 90% carbon layup outlasts 100% carbon skis
  • Connelly Advanced Profile Technology
  • Hybrid base - polished tip, micro textured tail
  • Lifetime Warranty



65'' / 165 cm, 66'' / 168 cm, 67'' / 170 cm, 68'' / 173 cm

Viper Fin System with aluminum foil

Length - 6.860
Depth - 2.495
DFT - .770 to bevel
DFT - .840 to flash line

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