November 15, 2017

Ride Now and Pay Later with AfterPay

WatersportsDirect are proud to offer Afterpay as a payment method !  We will ship you your goods right away and you can pay for your products with Afterpay.  Its Fast and it's easy.  Get Riding Now Australia !
September 13, 2017

Its Just Like Summer ... well in Queensland any way !

Its hot as out there so don't wait any longer Australia.  Get out there and get wet behind your boat.  We have an incredible collection of everything you need behind your boat.  
December 08, 2016

Wake Surfing outselling all other water sports

The wakesurfer typically begins by sitting in the water with the wakesurf board and rope in hand on the side of the wake they intend to surf. Other variations of the start exist but are either much more difficult or may present risk of injury. To begin the wakesurfer will place his feet on top of the floating board about shoulder width apart, with the bottoms of his feet facing the boat, and one or two hands on the rope, which is draped over the center of the board between the feet. The boat will then move forward slightly to take the slack out of the rope and maintain this slow forward motion to allow the surfer to feel the pull and pressure. At this point the surfer pushes down with his heels on the edge of the board, which brings the board in contact with the soles of his feet. Sometimes it is helpful to reach back behind the legs with the off hand and push down on the edge of the board between the feet to bring it upright. Once the board is in contact with the soles of the feet, the surfer then gives the signal to pull them up. The surfer simultaneously stands up and turns the front of the board in the direction of travel. Surfers who prefer to ride “goofy” foot will put their right foot forward, while “regular” foot riders will put their left foot forward. The next consideration may require some experimentation, but the surfer must decide to ride “toeside” or “heelside”, meaning they must choose the side of the wake they want to ride on. Most beginning surfers prefer to ride toeside or facing the wake. The boat accelerates at a moderate pace until the target speed is reached, somewhere between 9 and 12 miles per hour. The exact speed is determined by the shape, pitch, and length of the desired wake. Once the target speed is reached, the surfer will modulate fore/aft pressure on the board to find the “sweet spot” in the wake where the rope goes slack and is no longer needed. When the surfer is comfortable, they toss the rope in the boat or to the opposite side of the wake for retrieval by those in the boat.
February 09, 2016

The New Zup "Do More Board" is here !!

Stand on it.  Kneeboard it.  Its a wakesurfer.  Its a wakeboard.  Sit on it.  Ride it forwards, backwards.  Try sideways if you want.   ZUP® is a fresh, new, easy way to get your family and friends up on the water riding quickly. Ride the ZUP Board standing, kneeling, lying down, surfing, resting, spinning 360's or even backward. ZUP is a durable compression-molded board, so everybody gets “ZUP” with ease. The ZUP features an integrated tow hook for easy starts, quick position changes on the fly and stress-free starting!  Comfortable, non-skid EVA foam padding, easy slip-in foot straps, and comfortable molded side handles let you take this board in any direction you want to go. Great for Intermediate to Advanced skill levels. 

November 10, 2015

Summer Season is Here !

So summer season is here and it is time to hit that water.  Get out there with family and friends.  Forget about the playstation and forget about the social media hype.  Lets have some good old fashioned fun.  Grab your wakeskate or wakesurfer and cool down in our beautiful Australian waters.

March 04, 2015

Watersportsdirect offers Exclusive products from Connelly

The ski tube everybody has been waiting for is now here - but we only have 30 for all of Australia. 

Launch into orbit with the new Falcon 3! This tube incorporates a convex hull constructed with a continuous rocker to reduce drag and increase performance. 3 riders sit-on-top in the scooped out rider zones that provide a stable, low center of gravity. A large ''U'' shaped backrest provides extra comfort and support. Tow in the opposite direction and kneel in an chariot position for an entirely new perspective!

  • 60'' L x 90'' W (deflated) , pre-assembled with 1 year warranty
  • 3 rider two way tow  tube with continuous rocker technology
  • 840D Nylon Cover with 30 gauge PVC bladder
  • Scooped out rider zones provide a stable, low center of gravity
  • 12 fully padded handles with knuckle guards and 4 grab straps for added safety
  • Boston valve for easy inflation, and quick connect tube rope attachment
  • Covered mesh bottom drains excess water
April 16, 2014


Australian Wakeboard Champion for the third year in-a-row, chooses CWB Board Co.  CWB doesn't sell the most boards in the world, but they don't want to.  Its an exclusive brand aimed at the elite who don't want to ride what everyone else is riding.  We win the most, that says it all.